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Founded in Los Angeles in 2016, Halo Film Production is a privately owned film and television production company composed of upcoming filmmakers from worldwide. It provides services such as original content creation, existing IP adaption, production service consultation, film producing and production in both China and the United States. 
The company is driven by originality, innovation, and curiosity about the world, aiming at not forgetting the original heart and making movies with temperature.
With a slate of original content across a variety of genres and target audiences, Halo Film Production keeps expanding its roots in Film, TV, Web-series, Variety TV, Commercials, Documentaries, and Immersive Productions. The company is committed to the promotion and dissemination of excellent Chinese culture in overseas markets and to enhance the international influence of Chinese film and television.


Olina Wang is originally from China. With a background of Japanese Language and Film Producing, she breaks into the film production world in the United States in 2015 and has been working as a producer and content developer in China and the U.S. 
Olina's career started with a slate of award-winning short films then expands into feature-length films, variety shows, and commercials. She now supervises on-going productions and writing her original content for both the U.S and China markets. Clients including TikTok inc., Dadi Cinema, IVY Consulting, Alibaba, Tencent video and many sports brands such as 361 degrees.
​Olina founded American Asian Cultural Alliance(AACA), a non-profit organization in Los Angeles in June 2019. This is an organization to promote and connect cultural exchanges and communications between Aisa and North American through media solutions. 


Grounded Hollywood
Grounded Hollywood

Hollywood based rental house

Color Space Finishing
Color Space Finishing

Hollywood based post production coloring service

Ideal Sets
Ideal Sets

Los Angeles based one-stop standing set

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